Nana Wolke

Nana Wolke (b. 1994) is an MFA student at Goldsmiths, University of London. She received her BFA with honours at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana and completed her last year of study at the Academy for Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, with a study exchange at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig (class of Prof. Michael Riedel). Her work has been featured internationally, including AMU Gallery, Prague (2016); 31st Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts (2016), G2 Kunsthalle, Leipzig (2018), Kiribati National Museum and Cultural Centre, Tarawa, Kiribati (2019); Winter Street Gallery, Edgartown, MA, USA (2020) and the Shrine Gallery, New York (2021) among other. She has been nominated for OHO Young Visual Arts Award (2018), Ljubljana and the HIX Award (2019), London. She is a recipient of the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia scholarship (2019) and Ad Futura scholarship (2020). In 2021 her work will be featured in London at Proposition Studios and the Daniel Benjamin Gallery, in the UK pavilion at the Bangkok Biennial’s UK pavilion and in Vienna at Vin Vin Gallery, among other.

Before the Flood (Girls Next Door), 2020
Print on paper and oil on canvas, 44 x 55 cm

In My Faded Dream (Butcher’s Daughter) , 2020
Print on paper and oil on canvas, 44.5 x 53 cm